[lang_zh]创意市集[/lang_zh][lang_en]943 Creative Fair[/lang_en]

[lang_zh]昆明创库创意市集是943工作室最早在昆明发起的本地创意产品自由市集,参与者包括艺术家,设计师,动漫创意人,插画师,民间手工艺术家,原创音乐人,普通艺术创意爱好者等等,从2007年至今已举办至第四届,成为本地艺术交流,支持创意生态的重要活动。集市宗旨:提倡创造力,艺术日常化,原创精神,严肃地对待玩乐,Do it yourself!!


[lang_en]The 943 Creative Fair is a market of original design and performance first initiated by our team. The participants include artists, designers, animation creators, illustrators, handicraft artisans, original musicians, and lovers of creativity. There have been four Creative Fairs since 2007, and they have become an important focus for local artistic creation, communication, and exchange.
The vision of our Creative Fair is to encourage original creative spirit, support individual and collective creativity, and treat artistic play seriously.

For 943 Creative Fair achieves, please visit HERE, Thanks![/lang_en]


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