[lang_zh] “使然” 影像装置: Stefan A. Pedersen(丹麦) [/lang_zh][lang_en]Prepositions by Stefan A. Pedersen[/lang_en]


《使然》Prepositions by Stefan A. Pedersen(丹麦)

Video 影像装置展


策展人Curator: 曹维君 Cao Weijun


开幕酒会OPENING: 12.05.2014 15:00

展期DURATION: 12.06 – 12.19.2014



Tai Project, A zone, Jin Ding 1919·Loft, North JinDingShan Lu No.15, Kunming, China

Tel: +86871 65385159





在斯特凡. A.佩德森(1979年生于挪威)的艺术创作中,他对那些我们藉以认识和阅读周遭世界的对立现象进行了反思:诸如东/西,私密/公开,自然/人文,等等。他的艺术形式包括了影像、摄影、声音和文字,并通常以装置形式来呈现。他曾在哥本哈根、威尼斯、维也纳和巴黎举办展览,是哥本哈根的丹麦皇家美术学院客座讲师。2014年12月5日下午三时,斯特凡在中国的首个个展将在昆明苔画廊开幕。

About Stefan A. Pedersen

In his artistic practice Stefan A. Pedersen (b. 1979, Norway) examines the cultural dichotomies that shape the ways in which we see and read the world: east/west, private/public, nature/culture. His practice encompasses video, photography, sound, and text, often configured as installation works. He has exhibited in Copenhagen, Venice, Vienna, and recently in Paris. He is a guest-teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Pedersen has his first solo exhibition in China at Tai Project, Kunming opening December 5, 2014.


The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Tai Project.



Pedersen_Outof_still1 Pedersen_1972_still2



“[lang_zh] “使然” 影像装置: Stefan A. Pedersen(丹麦) [/lang_zh][lang_en]Prepositions by Stefan A. Pedersen[/lang_en]”的一个回复

  1. Congratulation. It is great that this project come to Chiona. Stefan has made great effort to examine the past and the present from his fathers journey in 1972 (where I was travelling with him) and the now-a-days look at China. How can he (and other yong people) understand the fascination we had on China in 1972?
    Kind regard and best wishes
    Preben Foeltved


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