[lang_zh]水主宰的世界(装置影像展)Kay S Lawrence (澳大利亚)[/lang_zh][lang_en]My Body is Mostly Water by Kay S Lawrence[/lang_en]


Eco AiR program-苔画廊生境艺术驻地项目

Kay S Lawrence (澳大利亚Australia)
展期:2013.11.29 -12.07

开幕酒会:2013.11.29, 16:00-21:30

开放时间: 每天10-22:00
+86 871 65385159


项目支持:Greening the Beige(点废成绿) 该机构邀请艺术家参与研究环保问题,通过艺术的方式为当地的环境提供多元思考。项目以艺术家驻地,讨论,讲座,工作坊,展览的方式呈现。

人性是一种活跃的生态机构,由于人类强烈的自我意识而产生的所作所为正深刻地影响着这千变万化的现实。 在21世纪,我们很有必要仔细斟酌自己与这个星球共处的方式,并重新探讨自然与文化的关系。纺织业与数字媒体的并存对于我们解决当前环境和可持续发展问题的方式有着隐喻的指导意义——我们需要在过去与现在的科技与知识之间找到平衡。 我的环境研究中包含了根植于这些空间中的文化和社会记忆。行为作品和摄影,一直秉持以人为中心的社会理念的创作。人体在我的作品中是不可或缺的元素。通过材料和技术等与人体有关的形式,我直接或间接地表达出这个意象来。我利用布料的隐含关联来唤醒人们的记忆,用认知和文化的关联来使这些作品能与观者产生一种高于视觉层面的交流。





Eco AiR program-at Tai Project

My Body is Mostly Water
Kay S Lawrence (澳大利亚Australia)
2013.11.29 -12.07

Reception:2013.11.29, 16:00-21:30

Tai Project, A zone, Jin Ding 1919•Loft, North JinDingShan Lu No.15, Kunming, China
Open Hours: Mon-Sun10-22:00
+86 871 65385159


Residency duration:2013.11.01–12.08

Support by Greening the Beige(点废成绿)


About the Work/ Artist Statement
Kay S Lawrence’s work addresses the boundaries of nature and culture, developing parameters and perspectives that embrace fractures and dislocations of time/space continuum and the precarious balance in which our fragile natural environment resides. She uses the visual and other sensual qualities of fibre and digital media to address ecological, social and cultural issues of the21st Century.

Humanity is an active ecological agent impacting on this volatile situation, due to our overwhelming anthropomorphic-centric behaviours. In the 21st Century it is imperative that we critically evaluate the ways in which we interact with our planet and that the relationships between nature and culture be renegotiated. The juxtaposition of textiles and digital media is metaphoric for the approach required to current environmental concerns and sustainable practices; the need to find a balance between old and new technologies and knowledge. In my investigations of environments, I embrace the cultural and social memories embedded in those spaces. I move from two dimensional and three dimensional works through performative photographic works to create works that reference the notion of our anthropomorphic-centric society. The body is an integral element in my works, depicted either directly or indirectly, through forms, materials and techniques that have a link to the human body. I use the metaphoric associations of cloth to evoke memories, perceptions and cultural associations to enable the works to create dialogue with viewers on more than a visual level.

Previous residencies in Asia have demonstrated the importance of an open mind to absorb and reflect on cultural and social differences. The experience is magnified when there is interaction with the local community, not just the art community or host organisation. Residencies have provided time for research, reflection and production and emphasised the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture. Residencies help understand the level of commitment to sustainable practices and environmental protection in our anthropomorphic-centric world.

My experience of residencies indicates that works produced are always very site-specific: ideas crystallise through observation when in residence. Accordingly any plan would be subject to revision. Previously in Beijing, I worked with environmental issues concerning cyanobacteria, specifically, Microcystis. I see that this same species is problematic in Dian Chi as is water hyacinth. At the present time, I can envisage a number of works focusing on water purity. To help identify the specific focus for the residency, I am currently examining other invasive and endangered species and reports of the Yunnan Environmental Court as I am keen to follow any recommendations they may have concerning topical issues requiring immediate attention.


[lang_en]Exhibition Works[/lang_en]

Kay S Lawrence 云南之水Yunnan water影像Video Length 1min3s 2013 (2)      Kay S Lawrence 云南之水Yunnan water影像Video Length 1min3s 2013 (1)      Kay S Lawrence 响沙Squeaky Sand Length 30s影像Video 2013Kay S Lawrence 饰羊Acting the Goat #1艺术微喷 archival digital print 29.7 x 42cm 2013 (3)      Kay S Lawrence 饰羊Acting the Goat #1艺术微喷 archival digital print 29.7 x 42cm 2013 (2)      Kay S Lawrence 饰羊Acting the Goat #1艺术微喷 archival digital print 29.7 x 42cm 2013 (1)Kay S Lawrence 表面之外Beyond the Surface 艺术微喷archival digital print on linen 39x89.5cm 2013      Kay S Lawrence入侵Invasion艺术微喷archival digital print on linen 39x89.5cm 2013      Kay S Lawrence 长江YangZi River 丝绸,棉线,毛发Silk, Cotton threads, Human Hair 66x150cm 2013Kay S Lawrence 水主宰的世界My body is mostly water 铁丝,化纤面料,缠绕wire, synthetic fabric, hand dyed indigo thread 可变尺寸variable size 39x89.5cm 2013      Kay S Lawrence 遥远的地平线Far Horizon 艺术微喷archival digital print on linen 39x89.5cm 2013      Kay S Lawrence 沙溪之夜Sha xi Evening 艺术微喷archival digital print on linen 39x89.5cm 2013      Kay S Lawrence 洱海Lake Er Hai 艺术微喷archival digital print on linen 39x89.5cm 2013


[lang_en]Previous Works[/lang_en]

Kay-S-Lawrence_A-singular-bind Kay-S-Lawrence_Mending_1 Kay-S-Lawrence_Microcystis Kay-S-Lawrence_microcystis-video-still Kay-S-Lawrence_Penitence Kay-S-Lawrence_Tree-lines_1-(1) Kay-S-Lawrence_your-silence-gives-consent