[lang_zh]落纸云烟 – 孙瑾个展[/lang_zh][lang_en]Paper Memory by Sun Jin[/lang_en]



开幕酒会:2013.05.25, 16 – 21:00
展期:2013.05.25 – 06.15


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孙瑾喜欢漫画,漫画思维一直影响着她,并且成为无法舍弃的一部分。同时它也使孙瑾的思维潜移默化受到日本式的禁锢,有一部分成为习惯,有一部分被职业的艺术创作吸收 。漫画思维成为她观察事物的一种方式,她喜欢这种方式,并因此获得一种捕捉和描绘生动形象的方法,同时还由此具备了对事物特有的敏锐的感知能力。大家可以从这些作品中进行各自不同的想象和体验。

[lang_en]Curator: Xue Tao
2013.05.25 – 06.15
Reception:2013.05.25, 16 – 21:00
Open Hours:周二-周日Tue-Sun 13-21:00

ContemporaryYunnan, A zone, Jin Ding 1919•Loft, North JinDingShan Lu No.24, Kunming, China
+86 871 65385159

Paper Memory – Sun Jin solo exhibition
By Xue Tao

Contemporary Yunnan has been promoting a Solo Exhibition Program for local Young artists within 2013. Sun Jing’s solo exhibition, as the third one involved in this program, presents some daily routines works and sketches she created casually.

Usually, an artist works and accomplishes the art work creation in a formal state, especially when they use canvas for their painting, this “formal” sense becomes more evident and the artist can easily enter into a state of preciseness and control and  arrange the painting appropriately. On the contrary, with a piece of paper, which can be grabbed anywhere, or a sketch book use for recording their instant ideas and inspiration, in hand, they can relax them into an unconstrained woolgathering state. This relaxation may inspire the artist with some free and natural thoughts, and then result in appearing vivid and lively objects on the paper.

Sun Jin likes cartoon. The cartoon thinking has been affecting her all the time, and has already become an inseparable part of her. In the same time, Sun Jin’s thinking has been invisibly and formatively influenced by this Japanese style cartoon. And this influence resulted partially in some habits, and partially in reflection through her professional art creation. Cartoon thinking has been a style she views the world. She enjoys this style and even developed a special approach to catch and depict a vivid image, and also thereout be equipped with a unique sensitivity and perception. Different individual imagination can be experienced on her works in this exhibition.

These arbitrary but mysterious manuscripts in exhibition are reflecting her secret and imperceptible thinking segments. It is a journey on the paper, through which one’s real spirit can be touched.

May, 2013[/lang_en]


孙瑾 SUN JIN 褪 Shed 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm  2013      孙瑾 SUN JIN 瞥 A Quick Glance 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013      孙瑾 SUN JIN 木 Tree 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013孙瑾 SUN JIN 泥 Mud 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013      孙瑾-SUN-JIN-蚓-Earthworm-纸本水墨Ink-on-Paper-29.5x44cm-2013      孙瑾 SUN JIN 眼 Eye 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013孙瑾 SUN JIN 蝇Fly 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 17x23cm 2012      孙瑾 SUN JIN 墨 Pitch-dark 纸本水墨 Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013      孙瑾 SUN JIN 虫 Insect 纸本水墨Ink on Paper 29.5x44cm 2013